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About Us

The technology expertise, cutting-edge solutions and proven processes across the many critical areas of the world of IT offered here at Digital Cube Technology Solutions. are far more than professional and qualified. Digital Cube Technology Solutions (DCTS) is a unique combination of decades of experiences in technology, logistics and distributions as its foundation. Majority of our clientele pertains to the Fortune 1000 category. We mainly assist these clientele with system configuration, LAN/WAN design, and scoping. By putting in use our industry experience and network of supplies, we try to bring price advantage and availability to a marketplace that is highly competitive.

We have equipped our enterprise with a Pre and Post Sales Engineer and Business Development Manager with an experience of nearly a decade in the industry on an average. These personnel strive hard to finding out the key business requirements of every agency along with IT infrastructure in order to provide best workable solutions they are in need of. Each team member is fully qualified and devoted to save both money and time of our valued clients. They provide the most advanced technological products and services for the purpose.

We are blessed with a team highly trained, skilled, honest, personable, and accountable. It works with a level of integrity that is far superior and desirable. This is our way of doing business with a strong reputation for all approaching projects keeping in mind the best interest of the customer.

Our Visionary Statement:

We came into establishment with the keen desire and dedication to value our customers by offering the most cutting-edge and innovative technology and solutions, all of this to be done at the right place, time, cost and situation. But above all, there will be complete integrity and transparency.

Our Mission Statement:

We are on a Corporate Mission of providing end to end Telecommunication and Information Technology products, services, support and solutions. We work in a manner that results in sustainable and profitable growth. Our main goal is to offer services that are of value to our partners, customers, and vendors. We feel like it’s our duty to support their goals. Same time, the development of our staff is crucial as well for maintaining the highest levels of efficiency, integrity and quality.

A Word from the Founder:

During my Professional tenure, the one thing that always intrigued me was the different cultures I’d come across and their level of customer service being offered. Based on my personal encounters, the one key element I’ve learned is “Customer is the King”.

Only after mastering the corporate culture by spending a decade in the industry, and equipping myself with the right knowledge and understanding of IT networks and infrastructures did I establish Digital Cube Technology Solutions. It was done with nothing less than a vision of creating a business where my Clients would be my Priority in every way. Nevertheless, we have strive hard ever since to achieve this vision. Our customers have always come first!

As I look back, I can proudly say that my team and I have inculcated a culture of offering our valued clients with the highest level of customer care. We aim at building deep, meaningful and lasting relationships. At the same time, we have equipped them with the trust they need to dwell and excel, and that comes only with time.

It’s not easy to achieve the above and beyond customer’s expectations. However, our approach has always been action-oriented. Thankfully, I am backed by a team that is strong and committed with proven technical expertise making the impossible, possible. Not only have we relied on people within, we have also focused on choosing the type of people to work with who share the same commitment and philosophy as ours. But that’s not all we look for. We try to work with people who are dedicated in a way to expand and grow with the company. As of today, we can proudly state that we are a growing enterprise equipped with professionals ranging from certified engineers, marketing, sales, Pre-Sales Technical expertise along with business development executives to assist both our Federal and Commercial clients.

Our customers are quite familiar with the competent skills we acquire. They engage with us so we can guide them for the better in making crucial decisions that affect not just their Information Technology, but above all and most importantly their own business and crew. As of current times, they depend entirely on our expertise for a variety of solutions that will best serve their preferences and needs. Above all, our team remains committed to serving the best.

Our pride is our key technology vendor relationships. It has helped us in offering an array of quality solutions to our valued clients. Best part, these services were provided at the most competitive and unbeatable pricing.

Regardless of the new developments in technology, how far it has evolved, the team here at DCTS is working long and hard to keep pace with emerging trends. Moreover, it’s putting in the best efforts to offer viable and workable solutions bringing more value to our clients.

The strength of our company are the pillars of this enterprise in which we firmly believe. We keenly look forward to boosting the efficiencies of our customer’s business. Along that, we work on reducing down the cost, save time, make their business more agile in order to assure our relationships are long-term and sustainable with the valued clients.

Founder Digital Cube Technology Solutions.