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Why do we need to select PoE switch?

When it comes to modern industrial devices, we use long cables for power transitions. PoE makes a technology difference. Higher power transmission with fewer cables is administered through different network devices such as PoE switches and CISCO CATALYST 3850-48XS-E – SWITCH – 48 PORTS are used for special networking feature allows network cables to carry both current and data to the device at the same time. Here in this blog, we will share a few facts and figures about the PoE switch. Have a look

Get to know about PoE switches working

If you think it’s difficult to understand its configuration, then let me tell you all PoE switches working is quite simple, and several Ethernet ports ensure consistent power supply and network communications to devices connected to it. This network has two modes configuration one is Mode A configuration, and the other is Mode B configuration. Mode A configuration delivers the power and data through the same wire, and in Mode B configuration switch delivers power and data through different wires.

Why do we need to consider PoE switches?

PoE switches are uses for so many industrial applications, and there are three main reasons for choosing these switches:


PoE switches require no additional cables, and they transmit data and power through an Ethernet cable because when devices are connected to the switch, it’s easier to reposition to a new location as per the given requirements. The powerful combination of wireless technology and PoE creates a cable-free environment that assures hassle-free working of devices connected to the network.


PoE switches observe the power distribution on a single source, and these switches are compatible with resetting or disabling devices. because these switches are built with an uninterrupted power supply.


PoE switches reduce the additional need for electrical power cabling, and these switches are easily fitted anywhere you want with no expert required for installation. It includes features for saving installation costs, maintenance, and human efforts.

What are the key applications of Industrial PoE switches?

PoE switch for IP camera

Network surveillance cameras are mostly used in offices and industrial locations. Camera systems receive power and data over Ethernet switches because switches are manufactured by top manufactured companies for enhanced security and long-distance extension. It has become essential to use these industrial switches to ensure the safety of people and their surroundings.

Wireless Networks

Bluetooth apps and Wifi devices to utilize wireless networks for their functioning. PoE switches can increase the wireless network growth. installation costs are required for access points and controllers. These devices are easy to relocate depending on their use.

VoIP phones

These PoE applications utilize a single connection to a wall socket Because PoE switches have increased the use of VoIP phones for business communication.

Get to know about managed and unmanaged industrial network switches

Unmanaged industrial switches

Network switches are simple devices that enable the connection between two or more networking devices with a specific set of configurations.

Managed industrial Switches

Managed industrial switches are different from unmanaged switches, and it enables the data transmission between different networking devices to allow flexible management. A managed switch allows channels prioritization, data transmission, etc. It permits configuration and monitoring of Ethernet specifications.

What essential things need to consider while choosing PoE switches?

Power budget

This is an essential factor that most users will consider the PoE switches while buying.


Several brands offer 48-Port PoE switches, and the price of the 48-port switch is changeable. Different prices allow the user because to have more choices for selecting suitable for their networks.


Several manufacturers can produce PoE switches, and they have small agencies selling switches. All brand manufacturers claimed lifetime support to restrict authorized sellers. While choosing a 48-port PoE switch, make sure the seller is reliable.

These are the essential things that we need to know while selecting PoE switches. Make sure while selecting you have read all the facts and figures. CISCO CATALYST 3850-48XS-E  SWITCH is also a managed PoE switch, So, switches are based on cisco cloud-scale technology with an increased number of endpoints and cloud services with wire-rate security designed to provide high performance and evolving needs of data centers.


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