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Cisco Catalyst WS-C2960X-48FPD-L network switch

August 23, 2021 Blog No Comments »

Cisco Catalyst WS-C2960X-48FPD-L network switch

7 Ways to increase network bandwidth

As per the growth of network resources, you all need to have a well-functioning network. Numerous high-energy and bandwidth-taking applications would put pressure on the network. What else should be done then? Make sure the network should have high Bandwidth to keep problems at bay from occurring. Good gigabit switches provide a quality connection without any limitation, and misconfigured switches can slow down the network speed. Make sure you people are relying on the best quality switches such as Cisco catalyst WS-C2960X-48FPD-L network switch is being considered one of the managed switches because managed switches also contain the router’s capabilities. Here in this blog, we are going to share few ways to increase the network bandwidth.

How to check Network bandwidth?

Well, checking network bandwidth would be challenging for many of you because network bandwidth can be examined only for usage levels as per individual device on the network. People who have administrative access need to check traffic statistics for routers, switches, and firewalls. It isn’t easy to do manual checking and nowadays, a single spot check is don’t save time. Manually bandwidth checking is time-consuming and one of the considered unreliable processes. Make sure bandwidth monitoring solution should be known to everyone and with this solution, you would come to know the types of devices and activities using up with Bandwidth. You would get insight on which applications are utilizing the most Bandwidth.

Understand the current state of the network

Before getting in-depth, make sure you all have known the current state of the network in detail. Optimize the performance by taking certain steps, and the best way is to analyze the current network state. In this phase, you would come to know about network topology and there are probable chances of network topology being extremely complex such as bus, ring, tree, and star topologies. Whatever the situation, do a detailed analysis of this.

Data flow

It’s essential to check whether data flow is being transferred from one point to another in a streamlined position and as efficiently as possible. Just create subnets of different parts of the network with changing topologies that would help streamline the flow of data to reduce the bottlenecks.

Do data optimization

Increasing Bandwidth would be much more effective with data optimization through different techniques such as load balancing and traffic shaping. With proper optimization techniques, you can make the data so much efficient to use less Bandwidth. Priority data must be given to more Bandwidth and if it requires more Bandwidth, then make room through data optimization at multiple spots throughout the network.

Avoid sending unnecessary data over the network

You all need to make sure that whatever data is being sent over the network should be essential and avoiding sending unnecessary data. Why don’t you make a policy and send it to your employees to know how to make the data transferring process so efficient over the network. It takes extra Bandwidth. Create blocklists and allowlists to help deal with overly bandwidth services and websites.

Create backups at the right time

We are mostly unaware of essential things for organizations and keep using vast amounts of Bandwidth to involve some of the other network functions. It’s imperative to run strategic operations to improve network performance. For this, create backups and updates outside of the regular working hours when the network is free. When you go for backups at the right time, you would be able to optimize the network performance with a great Cisco catalyst WS-C2960X-48FPD-L network switch and, efficient techniques.

Always invest in a tool for bandwidth optimization

People who want to increase the Bandwidth of the network need to invest in bandwidth optimization tools for monitoring and analysis. Tools are effective for understanding the network and Bandwidth for improving performance without investing in not necessary hardware.

Utilize cloud services

The business currently doesn’t use cloud services, but shifting to cloud service would move the connection between internal network and cloud. It can create massive changes in bandwidth load for data storage. Otherwise, you would be facing issues in handling bandwidth requirements and performance issues.

List of tools to increase the Bandwidth

There are so many tools to increase the network bandwidth, and here we have come up with few tools mentioned below.

Solar Winds Network bandwidth Analyzer Pack

This is one of the best bandwidth monitoring tools. It would let you analyze traffic and monitor network performance. With this pack, you can view IPV4 and IPV6 flow records and monitor the data flow of cisco NetFlow, sFLow and IPFIX to identify the protocols and applications to utilize most of the Bandwidth.  This software would help in minimizing downtime, increasing service level, and improving troubleshooting efficiency.  This software has an interactive dashboard that does not display the traffic patterns in a visual format featuring bold graphs and charts.

Paessler PRTG Network

If you are worried about increasing Bandwidth, this software is powerful because it monitors the data right on routers to help measure all traffic traveling across the network. You would also come to know about which applications are using the most Bandwidth. Simply you can change the bandwidth usage policies by keeping track of more than Bandwidth.

What else do you need to know for the right tool selection?

People looking for improving network performance and increasing Bandwidth. It can increase Bandwidth and improve performance without wasting unnecessary Bandwidth. With the right tool, the selection makes sure you have selected a good quality router, firewalls, and network-managed switches such as Cisco WS-C3850-24XU-L Catalyst 3850 Switch. Another step of improving network bandwidth is to record network traffic and determine the slowest points. This is important for the balancing network.

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