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Cisco WS-C3850-24XU-L Catalyst 3850 Switch

August 10, 2021 Blog No Comments »


What network mistakes need to be avoided while working remotely?

With the spike in COVID cases, every company has allowed their employees to work remotely to keep themselves safe and healthy. This time also gave a great advantage to hackers as well because while working in an office, you might have secured your network with the best quality routers and switches to protect the network, but remote working contains lots of challenges. Office network contains then high-end networking devices such as routers and switches, which are the primary target for hacking. It’s essential to be used of high quality. You may come across WS-C3850-24XU-L Catalyst 3850 Switch, which is a good choice for every company to use for network along with exceptional quality routers, but when it comes to remote working, there are limited chances. Here we are going to share what network mistakes need to be avoided while working from home.

Keep updating your computer and mobile devices

We all are so lazy working from home that we allowed mobile devices and computers to download all files automatically. Updates are installed automatically, which is not a good activity to do. People need to turn off this option because hackers have a hundred percent chance of downloading unwanted updates that slow down the operations. People who work with a personal computer at home need to keep it updated, and there are chances of getting attacked by network hackers. A non-updated device would affect the work efficiency, which is required to spend a longer time to complete the work.

Only utilized approved apps

People who work on personal laptops or smartphones may require full access to technology by downloading the latest collaboration tools. We all know every business has different requirements, so we need to work according to that. IT team would provide a list of approved software for employees to download proactively for avoiding errors. It also includes the guidelines on configuring the security setting for protecting work-related information and personal. Make sure you are using only approved apps.

Enable advanced security settings

These days, cloud-based and web-based applications have so many security-related issues, and by default, many options are enabled, but not all are enabled. It’s essential for you too, while working remotely, to allow all security settings on all software and applications to avoid malicious factors. If you people own laptops or smartphones by company, these settings must be activated or ask the IT team for help in case of not sure on how to do these settings.

Don’t click spamming links

You may receive numerous emails from unknown senders, and these emails may trigger cybersecurity-related issues. Make sure you have checked the link, and if you find this a spamming link, don’t open it because this is something from a hacker, and he is still there. Hackers may want to take over the computer, allowing a hacker to steal information from computers through vulnerability.

Ensure security of computers and applications

Working remotely gives the benefit of not locking the computer as we used to do in the office. Make sure your computer is not accessible for someone at home. It’s imperative to protect the computer as you used to do in the office. Make sure you have used the security procedures such as secure login, physical tokens, and computer protection. If your computer is accessible by someone at home, log off and disconnect all software applications used for work.

Avoid security patches

Do you know security holes exist in OS? You won’t find any software perfect, but imperfect software may exploit your whole effort. You need to trust security patches installed. Get it installed on your computer or smartphones to keep it protected from unwanted activity by hackers.

Don’t trust ads over the internet

You may not find these ads while working at the office because IT professionals control everything and are fully aware of what’s happening over the internet. While working from home, you have complete access to the ads on the internet, which is a misleading activity. You should avoid urgent system messages ad warnings. End all the popup windows because it could be any scam.

Proper security measures

These are the most effective ways to avoid any type of network mistake by simply taking proper security measures. Don’t forget to ask IT personnel about security measures. They would guide you in detail.

Don’t do everything by yourself

It would be tricky for you to set up a network and apply proper security measures, downloading or installing software because there are so many things that the hackers await. Whatever is needed, go to IT professionals who would sort out the issues and help you out with this.

Encryption is inconvenient

Encryption makes your data protected and making this impossible for hackers to access information. While ensuring an end to end encryption, every remote work should have followed the standards, and it would be done to provide special security to the company’s network; and for this, the selection of a smart router is the best option. Cisco WS-C3850-24XU-L Switch has been the top priority choice for years. Whatever router is selected, make sure network encryption should be done without any compromise.

These are the few network mistakes that should be avoided while working from home. Get the best network security experts who take care of all the security precautions with essential tools to protect your data.

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